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The credit card processing industry is sought with sell-and-go sales tactics, leaving merchants feeling high and dry. We want to bring back a sense of integrity to what it means to be a processing platform!

Working side-by-side with merchants across the Midwest, we became the company merchants call when you need service with principal. 

Our Edge

1. Our Knowledge Is Your Power

We've worked in the payment processing space for over a decade giving us valuable insight that isn't given out to most merchants. We want you to have the power to know we're giving the best solutions. 

2. Personal Connection

We support local businesses in the Midwest. As we get to know you, we start to understand the needs of your business.

Every customer we have is treated like an individual, we recognize all businesses are vastly different. 

3. Work With Us Directly

Whenever you give us a call, someone in our office is always there to answer! We prioritize your time and pride ourselves on giving you the solutions you need, fast.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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