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Tonic POS

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Discover Tonic POS

Seamlessly blending native functionalities with cloud accessibility, Tonic POS is engineered to harmonize your operation, turning everyday tasks into effortless processes.
Elevate your restaurant to new heights with Tonic!

Tonic POS Features

All-in-One Native Features

Experience the difference of built-in excellence, from kitchen video display to loyalty programs, Tonic POS has your core needs covered!


Unlock the freedom to choose! Tonic integrates effortlessly with iOS, Android, or Windows systems, ensuring you're never locked into a single hardware provider

Cloud Meets Legacy

Enjoy the adaptability and freedom of cloud technology, all while anchored in the proven strength of legacy systems

Broad Integration Ecosystem

Bridge the best of both worlds! Easily integrate with platforms like UberEats and GrubHub, and further enrich your Tonic POS experience with a diverse array of third-party extensions


For multi-location maestros, dive into real-time status, insightful year-on-year comparisons, and detailed, actionable reports

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Unleashing Mobility
Redefining Efficiency

Tableside Ordering, Simplified

Enhance the dining experience with instant tableside ordering! Orders reach your kitchen immediately, keeping operations running smooth and steady

Optimize Staff Operations

With on-the-go transactions, your staff can focus on engaging with customers and less on running back and forth!

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Windows, iOS, Android, Pax - Tonic POS seamlessly syncs across all platforms, ensuring a smooth flow of information in real time

Boost Customer Engagement

Mobile POS empowers your staff to provide dynamic, personalized service - from explaining menu items at the table to immediate payment processing

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Streamline Your Kitchen with Tonic's Video Display

Real-Time Tracking

View incoming orders instantly for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency

Error-Free Operations

Easy-to-read digital screens minimize mistakes, ramping up productivity

Unified Workflow

Manage and prioritize orders effortlessly, with a bird's eye view

Seamless Communication

Strengthen coordination between front-of-house and kitchen staff with instant updates

Go Green

Eliminate paper waste and step towards more sustainable operations

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